Montage Health’s Compliance Program helps make sure we act with honesty, integrity, and fairness. All employees, medical staff, contractors, and volunteers are expected to strive for the highest ethical standards as outlined in our Code of Ethical Conduct. This includes:

  • Accuracy of patient and business records
  • Confidentiality
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Ethics in patient billing
  • Ethical business practices
  • Fair treatment of employees
  • Government investigations
  • Proper use of funds

Being ethical means doing what is right. It applies to the way we carry ourselves and the way we carry out our responsibilities.

Chief compliance officer

The Chief Compliance Officer is available to anyone who has a concern about compliance. If you would like to ask a compliance-related question or report a concern, call (831) 622-2774 or email our chief compliance officer.

Report a concern

Call (831) 625-4582 to report a privacy or ethical concern to our Compliance team.